Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SpringGreen Massage Spa at Bay/College

For many years there has been an Asian massage parlour at the intersection of Bay and Gerrard in downtown Toronto. It is now called SpringGreen Spa.

When it opened around 2000, it was called Combowa. It had Asian massage attendants and was quite popular at that time.

Later around 2005 it was renamed Lotuswood Spa. It continued to have Oriental girls.

In 2009, it changed ownership again and is now called SpringGreen Spa. It still has Asian girls.

One poistive characteristic of this spa is the attractiveness of the ladies. It continues to have attractive attendants from all over Asia.

This massage parlour is near many landmarks. The Delta Chelsea Hotel is very close. The hilton Sheraton and Shangrila is in walking distance. Many hospitals are next door. It is near City Hall and the Eaton Centre.

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