Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oriental Rainbow

The massage parlour at 266 Adelaide has a vibrant history.

The massage spa was opened by Shanko in the fall of 1999 as Orintal Rainbow.
She accidentally spelled the spa name wrong.
Her partner was Susan who is best known for having a massage spa named Healing Hands from 2000-2004 at Yonge and Eglinton. She now is on Wynford. Her prostate massages are legendary.

Around 2002, the massage business was sold to Tracy. Linda worked will her for many years and retired at the top of her game. Eventually Tracy sold to some other Asians who only had it a year.

Around 2006, Tracy opened another spa a few blockes west. Rainbow II was never particularly notable. The rooms are a decent size and the attendants have been okay looking.

Oriental Rainbow was one of many parlours in the Entertainment district. Anne and Dolly are from Guyana and had a place further west. Jun Jun was close by on Queen.

It is now known as Luna Spa and is as good as ever.

If you work downtown, check out Luna Spa on your lunch hour.

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